Product Retouch Service

Why do Product Retouching:

First of all, we serve you.If you have selected a product for the Ecommerce business. If you have taken pictures of it then its color or dirt can be seen. And this step may be needed to remove them. So products makes sense. Can understand better Please see our previous and next pictures.

Many people were taking this service here. They did not get the designers like them, they only once you can take our service.

Facilities of Retouching.

To get your customers to excel. You can take this service, from our work. We are slowly examining dirt by skilled workers. The way we work, it is mentioned below.1.      Dust remove2.  Replsion remove For brush use : Clone stamp tool. BrushTool.  Spot Healing BrushTool. Healing BrushTool. Our work helps to make an object more easily bright. So, the quality of your saw this service. Hope you enjoy it.  What do we have to remove the dirt? You can test the way you tell to clean the dirt. Bron’s stains of people. Brand spots The color disappears. Dark. Dirt etc.

Photo Retouching Services | Professional Photo Editing

Professional photo retouching services provided by FixThePhoto perfectly meet requirements of a professional photographer who wants to save time or a beginner who wants images to be professionally edited.

Our photo editing services for photographers are ready to handle all your needs in portrait, wedding, newborn, landscape, real estate, ecommerce photography.  Need professional photo retouching for your business?

BG Removel asia retouching services are professional, affordable and secure. Enjoy amazing results provided by our qualified photo retouchers. Do you need get photos edited? Contact us, we are ready to start working.

List of Our Photo Retouching Services Includes:

Retouching Portraits in Photoshop (Wrinkles Removal, Skin Smoothening, Whitening Teeth)

Wedding Photo Retouching Services (Culling and Photo Color Correction)

High End Photo Retouching Services (Beauty Retouching, Make Up Creation, Hair Retouching, Body Reshaping)

Product Photo Retouching Services (Backgroung Removal, Color Correction, Shadow and Reflection Creation)

Jewellery Retouching Services

Real Estate Photo Editing Services (Image enhancement,HDR Photo Editing)

Custom Image Retouching Services

Clipping Path & Masking Service

Photo Manipulation services

Old Photo Retouch & Restoration Services

How Fix The Photo Differs from Other Photo Editing Services?

Our digital photo editing company declares a special approach to every photographer we work with. We understand the important role of photo retouching in photography business success and do our best to help you improve your shooting skills and marketing activities while we are retouching your photos.

During the years of work we have build our reputation of one of the best photo editing companies and all our efforts focus on doing the most professional photo editing work for you. That’s why we work on your photos until the retouched result is accepted by you and you are 100% happy with it.

Family Photo Editing Service.

As for me and my experience, digital retouching services occupy only 60% of the entire process that always be must completed to get fascinating result. If your vocation is photographing and you have made it to be your profesiional occupation, the fact that shooting takes all time and energy must be familiar to you. From this statement we may conclude that a person is not eager to do anything else, for instance to get involved in image retouching. Additionally, you don`t have spare time to pay attention to all details concerning this procedure or, on the contrary, you are not allowed to do professional photo editing quickly, because outcomes will considerably lose in quality. Still, I was sure that this challenge will be done by me.

I promised one customer to return his pictures in time, after it I had another client, whom I also promised. Consequently, that turned out to be a closed circle of broken promises. Soon I became fed up with all this. The most brilliant decision that came to mind was to google an online Photoshop editing service. Still I soon realized that retouching price of $30-50 per one hour was too much for my pocket. However, I was not eager to surrender so quickly. Eventually I found FixThePhoto’s professional retouchers. This photo editing service amazed me greatly. Only $2 per 1 retouched photo, at first I didn`t believe that was true, because their quality also impressed me. Retouching your photos became easier. Moreover, there was one thing that made me choose this photo retouching company. For $10 every customer can order High End photo editing. In comparison it takes me from 3 hours to do this type of wonderful retouching. Now I co-work with them on permanent base. Eventually I have no delays and happy clients` faces are pleasing reality for me.